1878-1921 Morgan Dollar Set


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Enhance your collection with a set of 7 Choice Uncirculated Morgan dollars struck in 90% silver at 3 different U.S. Mints. You’ll receive 4 Morgans from the 19th century and 3 from the early 20th century – including historic first-year and last-year issues. These large, hefty “cartwheels” of 1878-1921 are the most coveted silver coins from America’s past, and are especially desirable in this Choice Mint State condition. You’ll receive:

  • 1878-S Morgan Dollar – prized first-year issue from San Francisco with “S” mint mark, known for its abundant luster and strong strike
  • 1883-O, 1902-O & 1904-O Morgan Dollars – struck at the former New Orleans Mint and includes the last “O” mint mark Morgan
  • 1886, 1887 & 1921 Morgan Dollars – produced at former Philadelphia Mint facilities and includes the final year of this classic series

Morgan dollars are treasured legacies of a bygone era, and these Choice Uncirculated coins will add history, prestige and quality to your collection. Order today and SAVE off individual prices!