1878-1882 First-Five-Years "S" Mint Morgan Dollar Set with Display Case


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Here’s your opportunity to own a First-Five-Years Set of Morgan dollars from the historic San Francisco Mint. Each one – dated 1878-S through 1882-S – was struck in 90% silver from the vast deposits of silver ore discovered in the now legendary Comstock Lode in Nevada. These large silver dollars circulated throughout the American West. When you hold them in your hand, you can imagine who might have held them before – cowboys, cattle ranchers, mining magnates and railroad titans.

Now over 135 years old, these five “S” Mint Morgan dollars are an affordable way to own these sought-after issues. Each coin comes in a protective capsule and the set is displayed in a leatherette case, plus you’ll SAVE off individual prices. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to own the first five Morgan silver dollars from the historic San Francisco Mint.