1877-S Liberty Head $20 Gold Piece


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There's nothing quite like holding a large, bold $20 Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle. Its hefty weight – nearly a full ounce! – commands attention, and its prestigious image of Liberty is beloved by collectors. That's why, when we came across a small group of first-year 1877-S Type 3 Liberty Heads with the value stated for the first time as twenty dollars, we couldn't pass them up. This is your chance to own a still-lustrous 90% gold beauty from the San Francisco Mint!

America's beloved double eagle denomination was born as precious gold began pouring into commerce thanks to the California Gold Rush. To help convert that precious metal into coinage, the first San Francisco Mint (which struck these precious $20 gold pieces) was established in 1854. It's not often that we come across historic 1877-S double eagles – in fact, this is the first time we've ever been able to feature this issue in our catalogs.

Displaying the motto in god we trust on the reverse, along with the value shown as twenty dollars, this Type 3 issue bears the last design of the series. Each About Uncirculated, AU-55 coin offered here has been graded by our experts and hand selected for eye appeal. Even after more than 140 years they display only traces of wear, and still show most of their original mint luster. Despite this coin's original mintage of 1.7 million, today it's estimated that only around 8,500 1877-S pieces survive in all grades. Don't miss out – add a nicely detailed first-year Type 3 $20 gold piece from San Francisco to your collection today!