1877 Indian Head Cent, Variety 3, Bronze

Philadelphia Mint


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Customer Reviews

The 1877 Indian Head cent has the second lowest mintage in the entire series – 852,500. And it's the most difficult date in the series to acquire, because only a fraction of the original low mintage exists today. While the 1909-S has a smaller mintage, more were saved because it was the last year of the series. So whether you already collect Indian Head cents or are just starting out, the key-date 1877 cent is a "must" for your collection!

In Uncirculated condition, this scarce date retails for as much as $4,200. But you'll find it more affordable here in your choice of circulated grades – especially when you take advantage of our interest-free payment plan! Key-date Indian Head cents like these are always sought after by collectors. The prized 1877 cent is the most difficult date in the series, and our supply is limited. So don't pass up this opportunity. Reserve yours right away!