1874-CC Gold $20 Liberty Head PCGS AU53


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In honor of the Carson City Mint’s 150th anniversary, I’ve chosen scarce, low-mintage 1874-CC $20 gold pieces – featured here for the first time thanks to a recent purchase opportunity! It’s very unusual to find a quantity of “CC” gold coins, and our buyers were fortunate to handpick the nicest pieces for quality, strike and eye appeal!

Of the millions of $20 Liberty Head gold pieces produced from 1850-1907, less than 1% were struck at Carson City. Today, all “CC” coins are in great demand for their low mintage and association with the Comstock Lode and the western frontier. Just imagine who held these classic gold pieces… could they have been part of the loot seized by notorious outlaw Jesse James?

Just 115,085 gold “twenties” were minted at Carson City in 1874, and many have been lost to the smelter’s pot over the years. We usually only see a few 1874-CC’s at a time, so don’t miss this opportunity. We have fewer than 20 pieces available, each graded by our experts and certified by an independent grading service. Add a scarce, handpicked Carson City $20 gold coin to your collection today!