1873 $5 Liberty Head Gold Piece Set


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Recently, our buyers came across an unusual find of classic 150-year-old gold pieces that I’m pleased to offer you here. In 1873, the Philadelphia Mint produced two varieties of the $5 Liberty Head gold coin. The year’s first coins were the “Closed 3” version. On these pieces, the knobs of the 3 in the date were close enough together that the number could be mistaken for an 8. Partway through the year, the style was changed to open up the 3 so that there would be no confusion over the date.

Today, it’s unusual to find higher quality examples of these varieties in any quantity. I’m pleased that we’re able to feature these in our catalogs – it’s been more than 25 years since we were last able to feature the Closed 3 variety and it's the first time we've ever featured the Open 3 variety! The coins offered here have been graded by our experts and certified by PCGS. To date, PCGS has certified fewer than 370 of each in all grades. Thanks to this special offer, you can own one of these 90% gold classics. Presented together in a FREE display case, and SAVE off individual coin prices. It's no surprise that availability is limited, so I urge you to order quickly to secure these coins for your collection.