1865-1869 Nickel 3 Cent Piece Set


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Now own desirable classic Civil War-era coins with this set of 1865-1869 nickel 3¢ pieces! The now obsolete, copper-nickel 3¢ piece helped alleviate a severe coin shortage caused by hoarding during the Civil War. With the exception of the first two years, mintages never topped 4 million. And after 1870, when coins that had been hoarded returned to circulation, shortages eased and mintages of 3¢ pieces dropped to less than a million annually. In time, many were melted to strike 5¢ nickels – making these nickel 3¢ coins elusive for collectors today. The set brings you 5 consecutively dated coins – all hand selected.

Travel back to the days of Lincoln's second inauguration, the battle for the Confederate capital Richmond, and Reconstruction with this nickel 3¢ set from the first 5 years – and SAVE off single prices.