1864-S Gold $20 Liberty Head


Select a Grade: Extra Fine 45 PCGS

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Thanks to the efforts of our buying staff, you can now own a nicely detailed $20 gold coin issued by the San Francisco Mint more than 155 years ago! These scarcer Type 1 Liberty Head $20 gold pieces were born of the California gold rush and issued until just after the Civil War came to an end. These original gold “twenties” display the denomination as twenty d. on the reverse, but do not bear the religious motto in god we trust, which was added to $20 gold coins just two years later, in 1866 (Type 2).

These large, hefty 1864-S Liberty Heads were struck during the Civil War as the armies of Generals Grant and Lee clashed, General Sherman began his “March to the Sea,” and President Lincoln won a second term in office.

We’ve handpicked these scarce $20 gold pieces for you – each one graded Extra Fine 45 and certified by PCGS. To date, PCGS has certified just 207 examples in Extra Fine 45 condition. The coins offered here present an attractive yet affordable way to own this 90% gold piece, as prices rise dramatically among Mint State grades. I urge you to order now – you’ll enjoy a nicely detailed 1864-S Liberty Head double eagle displaying only light wear, and with some original mint luster showing. Highlight your collection today!