1864 50¢ & $50 Confederate Note Set


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These 50¢ and $50 hand-signed notes are the only ones issued in 1864 that feature Jefferson Davis, Confederate States of America president. Elected in 1861, he ordered Fort Sumter’s bombardment and appointed Robert E. Lee as commander of Northern Virginia’s Army. Davis also issued currency to keep the Southern economy afloat and to fund the war effort. After the Civil War, Davis – a plantation owner who had been a hero of the Mexican-American War, Secretary of War under U.S. President Franklin Pierce, and an elected U.S. Senator from Mississippi – was stripped of his citizenship rights and eligibility for any public office.

The $50 note depicts Jefferson Davis on the face, and features the handsome “blueback” motif that distinguishes Confederate notes from U.S. “greenbacks.” The 50-cent note is uniface, depicting Davis as a Roman statesman. Dated February 17, 1864, these final Confederate notes were issued just two months before the end of the Civil War. Especially popular among currency collectors and Civil War buffs, our supply of these notes in Extra Fine or better condition is limited. Order this historic two-note set today!