1864 $100 Confederate Note


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Own a high-denomination 1864 $100 note from the last series of Confederate currency. The central portrait of this sought-after issue features Lucy Holcombe Pickens, who won the admiration of the Russian royal family while living in Russia as the wife of the U.S. ambassador. After her husband returned to serve as governor of South Carolina and then to support the Confederate cause, Lucy sold precious jewelry and other gifts from the Russian tsar and tsarina to outfit a group of Confederate soldiers dubbed the "Lucy Holcombe Legion."

Soldiers are depicted on the left side of the note, and to the right is a portrait of George Wythe Randolph – Thomas Jefferson's grandson. Randolph served as a Confederate general and briefly as the Secretary of War for the Confederacy. He founded the Richmond Howitzer Battalion, which fought with the Confederate army in Virginia and still exists as a unit of the Virginia National Guard.

Supplies of this prized issue are extremely limited, and this $100 note is especially hard to find in Crisp Unused condition. Order today!