1864 $1 & $2 Confederate Note Set


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Genuine, historic Confederate Notes that circulated in the South during the Civil War are always exciting additions to a collection. Now after the 150th anniversary of that momentous conflict, these precious artifacts are in especially high demand among collectors and history buffs alike!

The hand-numbered, hand-signed uniface notes in this set are dated "February 17th, 1864", and are from the 7th and final series of currency issued by the Confederate States of America. The $1 bill bears a central portrait of Clement Claiborne Clay, a Confederate senator from Alabama. The $2 bill features an oval portrait of Judah P. Benjamin – who served the Confederacy as Attorney General, then Secretary of War, and finally as Secretary of State.

Issued during the final full year of the Civil War, these attractive, circulated Confederate States of America notes will add great numismatic and historical significance to your collection. Order today!