1863 50¢ Confederate Note


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Add a Civil War artifact to your collection more than 155 years after that dramatic event in our nation’s history. We have a limited supply of 1863 Confederate States of America (CSA) 50¢ currency notes depicting CSA President Jefferson Davis.

Hoarding of coinage during the Civil War forced both sides to issue “fractional” currency in denominations of less than a dollar. These uniface Confederate 50¢ notes mea sure 4 3⁄8" x 2 3⁄8". Due to rampant inflation in 1863, a statement on the left edge qualities the notes as payable “Two Years after the Ratification of a Treaty of Peace between the Confederate States and United States.” Each note also bears the printed signatures of Robert Tyler, Register of the CSA Treasury and eldest son of 10t h U.S. President John Tyler, and Edward C. Elmore, CSA treasurer and prominent southern banker. Our supply is limited, so order now to take advantage of this unusual collecting opportunity!