1862-1863 $100 Confederate Note


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High-denomination $100 Confederate Notes are in great demand among collectors and history buffs alike. Carefully preserved for over 150 years since the Civil War, these nicely detailed uniface notes were handpicked by our experts for quality and eye appeal from a larger old-time group. The central vignette depicts slaves working in a cotton eld, while champion of states’ rights John C. Calhoun is seen to the left and the allegorical figure of Columbia representing the Confederacy is shown to the right. Measuring about 7 3⁄8" x 3 1⁄8", each 1862 $100 bill in this special purchase is hand numbered and hand signed. Though the currency lost its monetary value when the Union won the war, these $100 notes were carefully stashed away as a group. Don’t miss out on these well preserved Civil War collectibles!