1860 $1 Bank of America State of Rhode Island Note


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Incorporated in May of 1851, the Bank of America operated in Providence, RI until 1890, when it was reorganized as the Bank of America Loan & Trust Company. The bank’s original president, Adnah Sackett, is shown at the bottom left. It also features two detailed vignettes – a woman seated on a throne before Rhode Island harbor at the top center, and a girl holding grain stalks at the bottom right.

Even after more than 160 years, these uniface notes are still as crisp as the day they were printed. That’s because they’re "remainder” notes – pieces that were never issued, and don’t feature signatures or serial numbers. We have a limited number of these obsolete notes available, and once they’re gone, there’s no telling if – or when – we’ll be able to o er them again. I urge you to order quickly to add this exceptional obsolete note to your collection!