1857 Uncut Sheet of Western Exchange Obsolete Notes


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From the heart of the Nebraska Territory come high-quality artifacts of Wild West history – Uncut Sheets of New Unused $1, $2, $3 and $5 Obsolete Notes! These artistic large-size bank notes were issued over 160 years ago in 1857 by Western Exchange Fire & Marine Insurance Company of Omaha, Nebraska for the Swedish-American colony of Bishop Hill in Illinois. The notes served as “certificates of deposit” for colony funds, and the settlement dissolved after the banking company failed during the financial Panic of 1857.

Featuring superb typography, large red denomination overprints and highly detailed vignette engravings, each obsolete uniface note depicts a distinctive Wild West scene. Native Americans are seen hunting in view of a passing train on the $1 and $2 notes, hunting buffalo on the $3 note, and the steamship Omaha churns along the Missouri River on the $5 issue. Supplies of these Uncut Sheets of obsolete notes are limited – order this prized Wild West collectible today!