1855 Gold Indian Head, Small Head, Type 2


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Here's America's short-lived Type 2 gold dollar. Today, "dollar" probably makes you think of the dollar bill, the golden Sacagawea dollars, or even the Presidential series. But before 1935, it meant silver dollars – and even those took second place to the precious 90% fine gold dollars issued from 1849-1888! America's original gold dollars are now in great demand by collectors.

In 1854, America's first gold dollar design was replaced by the Indian Head Princess, Type 2 gold dollar. The new coin was larger in diameter, and featured Liberty in an Indian headdress. But due to problems striking the coin, the small head motif was restyled in 1856, bringing the low-mintage Type 2 design to an end, after just 3 short years. The Type 2 dollar then became the scarcest of the gold dollar designs and the key to a gold dollar Type Set.