1854 Type II Indian Princess Head Gold Dollar, Small Head


Select a Grade: Choice About Uncirculated 55 NGC

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Born of the California gold rush, and numismatic favorites since their years of issue, U.S. $1 gold coins of 1849-1889 are the ultimate "collector dollars." But the scarcest, most coveted, and most beautiful are the very short-lived Type II Indian Princess Small Heads, the key to a complete gold dollar type set. Struck only from mid-1854 until early 1856, these 90% gold coins feature a small image of Liberty in a feathered Indian headdress with a band inscribed LIBERTY. The reverse features the denomination and date within a wreath of corn, cotton, wheat and tobacco.

Now you can own a scarce first-year 1854 Type II gold dollar in Choice About Uncirculated condition, with just very slight wear on the highest points. Fewer than 1.7 million Type II gold dollars were ever struck, and less than 1% of these coins are estimated to exist today! Each coin has been examined by our experts and is certified and encapsulated by NGC. With only 10 coins available, don't wait to add this scarcest and most sought-after gold dollar design to your collection.