1854 Liberty Head Gold Dollar


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America's first gold dollars are the short-lived Liberty Heads and this 1854 coin is one of the scarcest Philadelphia issues in Mint State. Lustrous original gold dollars from that year are hard to find, but … if you act now!

The discovery of gold in California created a new coin – the gold dollar! Introduced in 1849 the Type I showed Liberty wearing a coronet, inscribed with LIBERTY. After just 6 short years, this design was replaced midway through 1854, making these gold pieces last-year coins.

Nowadays Type 1 gold dollars are difficult to locate, especially in this grade. That's because according to David Bowers, over 60% of all Liberty gold dollars have been melted down, and in 1988, Walter Breen estimated about 1% survive in collectible condition. Don't miss out – each one has been examined and graded by our experts, then certified by PCGS or NGC – get yours while supplies last!