1852-1854 Consecutive Braided Hair Large Cent Set


Select a Grade: Very Fine #2

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Nearly the size of a half dollar and struck in pure copper, America’s early large cents saw lots of use. Relatively few survive in the nicely detailed, yet affordable Very Fine #2 condition available here. This consecutively dated 3-coin set of 1852-1854 Braided Hair cents depicts Liberty with her hair in a bun and is the last design of the series.

Struck in modest quantities over 165 years ago, the Braided Hair coins were America’s last large cents. Thousands were melted down in 1857 for re-coining into new small-size cents introduced the same year. Large cents are an enduring legacy of America’s numismatic heritage – the coins that started the country collecting. Don’t miss this chance to add well-preserved, nicely detailed Braided Hair cents to your collection. Order now and SAVE off single prices!