1851 Braided Hair Large Cent, Normal Date


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Struck in pure copper and larger than the U.S. quarter, this pre-Civil War Braided Hair large cent recalls a bonanza year of the California gold rush when over $75 million in gold was extracted from the mines. Bearing the final large cent design before 1¢ coins were drastically reduced in size during 1857, the obverse of this large cent depicts Liberty with braided hair and a coronet inscribed liberty. The reverse features the denomination one cent within a wreath.

Mintage of the 1851 Braided Hair large cent was very limited compared to modern production, and a large percentage of the coins were later melted and re-struck as new small-size cents. Experts estimate that only about 7,000 coins survive in all grades, and far fewer exist in this attractive yet affordable Fine condition with an entirely clear and bold design. Add one of these pre-Civil War collector favorites to your collection today!