1851-1854 Braided Hair Large Cent Set


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Now, thanks to a recent purchase, you can add a set of historic early American large cents to your collection! Though there are many design types in this very historic series of 1793-1857, the last large cents were the Braided Hair type. Struck at the Philadelphia Mint over 160 years ago, these treasured early U.S. coins are nearly as large as half dollars and weigh over four times as much as today's cents!

When replaced by new, smaller cents in 1857, thousands of U.S. large cents disappeared as they were exchanged for the new 1¢ pieces and melted down for re-coining. The historic large-size Braided Hair cents, depicting Liberty with a braid and wearing a coronet, were coins of the working people. Though seldom available in quantity, we recently acquired a nice group to offer you four different dates from 1851-1854. Your 4-coin set comes in an attractive display case and you'll SAVE off individual prices. A genuine legacy from the era of the gold rush and Westward Expansion – don't wait to get yours.