1850s-1860s Falls Village, Connecticut Iron Bank Uncut Sheet


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Rare… crisp… vivid… with a beautiful pink-orange tint, this 1850s-1860s uncut sheet of notes is from a limited number discovered within the last decade. As uncut sheets, these are rare, and only a small number are known to exist! But if you act now, you can add this handsome sheet of obsolete remainder notes from the Iron Bank of Falls Village, CT to your collection. Established in 1847, the Iron Bank served the area's local residents, mining and iron works as well as the agricultural economy.

Measuring about 8 1/2" x 13 3/4" each uniface sheet has 3 different $5s and a single $10 large-size note displaying detailed, attractive vignettes. The ironworker with his trip hammer, and mining scenes complement the Iron Bank's name and recall New England's blossoming industrial age.

When the National Banking Act was adopted during the Civil War, this local currency gave way to a new national currency. The vast majority of the banks went broke or out of business, but not the Iron Bank. It became a national bank on July 5, 1865 – called the National Iron Bank – and still exists today! Obsolete bank notes, and especially rare uncut sheets, are in great demand for their historical, artistic, and regional interest, so get yours right away.