1850 Gold $20 Liberty Head


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Thanks to a recent purchase, a few fortunate collectors can now own America’s first $20 gold coin! These 1850 $20 Gold Liberty coins were authorized by the Coinage Act of 1849 as a way to convert more of the gold discovered in California into coins (one $20 gold pattern piece was struck in 1849, and resides in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian). Prior to 1850, $10 was the highest denomination U.S. gold coin. The reverse of these “double eagles” depict the U.S. national emblem with a shield and the denomination as twenty d. These first-year 1850 $20 gold pieces are among the best struck because of the new dies and extra care used to mint them. Of the 1,170,261 gold coins issued in 1850, only an estimated 3,770 survive today in all grades. Our buyers handpicked these scarce $20 gold pieces for quality – each one graded by our experts and certified by PCGS or NGC. This historic first U.S. $20 gold coin will add prestige to your collection. We only have seven available, so be sure to order yours right away.