1850-1854 Liberty Head Gold Dollar, Type 1, Extra Fine


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When you think of a dollar today, it brings to mind the dollar bill, the golden Sacagawea dollar or Presidential series. Before 1935, it meant silver dollars, and before that for a brief time in the 1800s, dollars were struck in precious 90% gold. The very first gold dollars, the Liberty Heads of 1849-54 (Type I) are great demand today, and very hard to find. But they won't be for you… if you act now! You get the short-lived Liberty Head design:

  • A classic 90% gold dollar in Extra Fine condition
  • America's "49er" coin – born of the gold rush
  • Struck between 1850-1854
  • Representing about 1% of the surviving coins

Today, over 75% of Liberty gold dollars have been melted down and it's estimated that only about 1% survive in collectible condition. Don't miss your chance to get the "ultimate" collector dollar now, while supplies last!