1837-1873 Liberty Seated Half Dime


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Before the advent of the 5¢ nickel, 90% silver half dimes filled the void. Coin lore says President George Washington provided his own silver in 1792, so the nation's first silver half dimes could be struck. Over the years, their designs changed and the Liberty Seated half dime of 1837-1873 would be the last!

Now you can own this classic Liberty Seated half dime from a hoard – one of the largest accumulations of 19th century type coins we've ever seen! Out of issue for well over a century this coin displays Christian Gobrecht's famous Liberty Seated design. Offered here in your choice of two collectible grades: Fine condition, with nice design details and clear lettering, or in affordable Good condition – either one's ready to take a place in your collection. These obsolete silver classics will go fast, so don't wait!