1830s-1860s $1 Augusta, Georgia Obsolete Note


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Thanks to a recent special purchase, you can now own a beautiful, affordable $1 bank note issued by Georgia’s Bank of Augusta more than 150 years ago. This uniface large-size note is a prized early American collectible known as “obsolete currency” – issued by thousands of private banks, companies, merchants, cities, states and other entities before the U.S. government began issuing federal paper currency during the Civil War.

Issued from the 1830s through the 1860s, the artistic $1 notes offered here feature handsome vignettes. In the center, three allegorical women are shown with a bald eagle flying above. A train is at the bottom right, while a teacher and her students is at the left. These notes feature cancellation cut marks (used to indicate they were no longer valid as currency) which don’t detract from the overall appearance or desirability. Discover the fascinating world of obsolete currency with this $1 Bank of Augusta note!