1823-1836 Capped Bust Half Dollar in Display Case


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Add prestige and history to your collection with these 1823-1836 Capped Bust half dollars! As treasured early American coins, these were struck in 89.24% fine silver over 180 years ago at the first U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. Working dies for Capped Bust halves with lettered edges were prepared individually, with the date, stars and lettering punched by hand. Each coin was then struck on a man-powered screw press! The obverse depicts Liberty wearing a cap, the reverse bears a naturalistic eagle as well as the value stated as 50 C., and the edge features the inscription fifty cents or half a dollar.

Because no silver dollars were struck from 1805-1835, Capped Bust halves were “workhorse” coins of early 19th-century commerce. Few have survived and our supplies are limited, so order yours right away!