1816-1839 Liberty Matron Head Large Cent


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Now you can add an early Liberty Head large cent to your collection! This coin was introduced in 1816, replacing the earlier Classic Head design. Two main obverse design types were released during this series and the first type – the 1816-1839 Matron Head – is offered here. These pieces were struck over 180 years ago at the Philadelphia Mint, when coin presses were run either by man power, or steam.

In 1857, large cents were replaced by the new, smaller cents. Thousands disappeared when they were exchanged for the newer 1¢ coins, and melted down for re-coining. Historic Matron Head cents were named for the portrait style of the goddess Liberty. Seldom available in quantity, recently we acquired a nice group to offer you in three affordable grades. A genuine legacy from the era of the Santa Fe Trail, James Monroe’s election to the presidency, and the Battle of the Alamo. Don’t wait to get yours.