166-63BC New Owl Silver Tetradrachm XF


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Athens was once the most powerful, respected city-state in the Aegean - the cradle of democracy. But over time, its fortunes waned. Conquered first by Sparta, then by Macedonia, when Athens resumed minting coins, it struck a "new" stylized silver Owl - echoing the grandeur of her golden age. Now you can own one of those last silver "new style" Owl tetradrachms recalling the glory of ancient Athens. Known to the ancient Greeks as , meaning , these nearly pure silver Owls circulated from the second century B.C. until the time of Augustus. Perhaps because they recalled an older more familiar design, these new Athenian Owls quickly became the dominant coin in the region. While their basic design remained unchanged with the goddess Athena and her owl, the goddess wears a helmet and has a true profile eye. On the reverse, a wreath encircles the owl balanced on an amphora. If you can get one ancient Greek coin, make it the last silver Owl of Athens!