1521-1557 John III Tin Dinheiro


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Set sail to Indonesia and the port of Malacca, gateway to the legendary Spice Islands with this scarce, tin Dinheiro of John III! Struck over 450 years ago in the city of Malacca (Malaysia) these historic medieval coins recall the lucrative spice trade that built the Portuguese Empire.

Among the most impressive navigators of the age were the Portuguese. Their mapping, shipbuilding and sailing skills helped them dominate the spice trade. Under John III (1521-1557), they gained control of the Spice Islands, which provided Portugal with wealth, and earned their ruler the nickname the "grocer king." The obverse of this medieval Dinheiro displays a cross and the reverse shows an Armillary sphere once used for navigation, and now part of Portugal's coat of arms. Recall the age of exploration and European Empires with this affordable coin.