150th Anniversary Nickel Type Set


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Enjoy each type of U.S. nickel with this 150th anniversary 5-coin set! America's 5¢ nickels were introduced in 1866 and gradually replaced silver half dimes (also worth 5¢), which were being hoarded during the Civil War era along with other silver coins. You'll receive one of each type listed , and dates will vary:

  • 1866-1883 Shield Nickel – the first nickel 5¢ coins ever issued, depicting a Union Shield and a wreath – Circulated
  • 1883-1913 Liberty Head Nickel – nicknamed "V" nickels for the large Roman numeral five on the reverse – Circulated
  • 1913-1938 Buffalo Nickel – considered the most uniquely American design, with iconic Old West images – Circulated
  • 1942-1945 Jefferson Wartime Nickel – bears the traditional Jefferson design, but struck in a silver alloy to save nickel for the war effort – Circulated
  • 2006-Date Jefferson Nickel – features a new front-facing Jefferson portrait and familiar Monticello reverse – Uncirculated

Your 150th anniversary type set comes in a handsome display case with an informative story card and certificate of authenticity, and you'll SAVE off individual prices!