1368-1423 Venice, Italy Billon Tornesello


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Add a fascinating piece of the past to your collection, with this genuine coin issued over 590 years ago in ancient Venice! Struck in silver billon from 1368-1423, this Tornesello features a Christian cross on the obverse. Venetian crusaders wore similar crosses as they began making their way to the Holy Land – in fact, the word 'crusade' comes from the Latin word crux, meaning 'cross.'

Once a bustling maritime city, Venice thrived under its shipping trade of silks, spices and exotic goods. Enduring longer than the Roman Republic, Venice ruled as an independent state for over 1,000 years. And this coin recalls that powerful city. On the reverse is the winged lion of Saint Mark – the republic's emblem from the 9th century on, when Saint Mark was named Venice's patron saint. Just imagine what this historic piece may have seen, as you hold it in your hand!