12th Century Norman Crusader Gold Tari


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Hear the clash of swords, the thunder of hooves and the cries of battle as Normans, the most feared warriors of their age, carved out states of their own in southern Italy. And this gold coin, the Tari, recalls the fierce Normans and Roger II, who in 1130 became Sicily's first king.

This warrior king united the separate states and built a kingdom encompassing southern Italy and Sicily. Under Roger II, the Kingdom of Sicily grew into the most advanced in Western Europe, and produced the gold Tari coins, valued throughout the Mediterranean for their consistent purity.

Tari, meaning "pure" in Arabic, reflects the cosmopolitan favor of the Sicilian kingdom, which prior to the Normans had been ruled by the Arabs. Its obverse displays an Arabic inscription, mentioning King Roger, and the reverse shows a cross with the inscription JESUS CHRIST THE VICTOR. Weighing just over 1 gram, many Tari coins were struck using gold brought from Africa by traders. Perfect for a history buff or accenting any collection, this affordable medieval gold coin brings the age of crusaders and knights to life!