1185-1203 Isaac II & Alexius III Billon Scyphate Set


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Get a set of two scyphate (cup-shaped) Byzantine coins over 800 years old and depicting Christ. Hand struck in a silver alloy, these medieval coins are from the A.D. 1185-1203 reigns of the notorious brother emperors Isaac II and Alexius III. Proclaimed emperor of Byzantium in 1185 by an unruly Constantinople mob, Isaac II's reign soon became marked by bribery and other corruption. His older brother Alexius III eventually imprisoned Isaac and usurped the throne in 1195. But when the 4th Great Crusade approached Constantinople, the greedy and dishonest Alexius looted the treasury and disappeared. The Crusaders sacked Constantinople and sealed the final split between the eastern and western Christian churches.

The obverse of the 1185-1195 Isaac II coin bears the Virgin Mary holding Christ, while the reverse portrays Emperor Isaac. The obverse of the 1195-1203 Alexius III coin depicts Christ and the reverse pictures Emperor Alexius with St. Constantine. Well-preserved for over 800 years in Very Fine/Extra Fine condition, each coin features the distinctive cup shape found on numerous Byzantine issues. Add this medieval 2-coin set to your collection today!