1149-1163 Crusades Silver Denier of Bohemond III


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Add a well-preserved genuine artifact of the Great Crusades to your collection with this 12th-century silver Denier of Bohemond III, prince of Antioch from 1163 until his death in 1201. Located in Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea, the ancient city of Antioch is known as "the cradle of Christianity" – where followers of Jesus were first called Christians. Controlled by various people through the ages, Antioch was conquered from the Turks in 1098 by the Christian crusader Prince Bohemond I. His grandson Bohemond III was later able to defend Antioch from attacks by the powerful Arab leader Saladin who captured Jerusalem. But when the Third Crusade was mounted in an attempt to retake Jerusalem, Bohemond III refused to take part in order to solidify his control of Antioch by not provoking Saladin.

The obverse of this silver coin features the helmeted bust of a crusader knight wearing chainmail and the rim inscription BOAMVNDUS (Bohemond), while the reverse bears the crusader cross and the rim inscription AMTIOCNIA (Antioch). Don't miss this opportunity to own an outstanding coin over 800 years old and honoring the Great Crusades!