1131-1141 Hungary Béla II Silver Denar


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This fascinating silver denar represents the transformation of Hungary from pagan nobles to a Christian kingdom under King Saint Stephen I. His descendant, Stephen II, however, failed to produce an heir, so the title went to a cousin. As a child, Béla II had been blinded to prevent a coup, and he grew up in exile in a monastery. But in 1127, whispers of his survival reached the royal court, and in 1131, Béla the Blind was crowned King of Hungary and Croatia. He then introduced reforms that strengthened the kingdom’s connection to the church.

Irregularly shaped because each silver coin was individually hammered, the obverse features a large cross in the center with four large concave crescents, each with a dot in its arc. The reverse depicts a cross in an inner circle with five dots surrounded by an outer circle. Add this affordable silver denar to your world coin collection today!