1028-1034 Romanus III Copper Follis Christ


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Issued from 1028-1034, this coin is part of the Anonymous Bronze coinage struck in the Byzantine Empire for nearly a century. Although they can be dated to specific emperors, they display no imperial portraits, only religious motifs. Struck under Romanus III, Argyrus, this coin features the bust of Christ on the obverse and a cross resting on three steps on the reverse.

At sixty, Romanus III, Argyrus became emperor of the Byzantine Empire. Although this elderly emperor had been a Senator and a mayor of the city, he had no aptitude for governing a large empire. He released debtors from prison, but kept the same tax laws. Ignoring military advisors, he engaged the Saracens in battle, but was disgraced when he fled on horseback. Order today to own a copper Follis, issued over 950 years ago under Romanus III.