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1963 & 2013 John F. Kennedy Tribute Set (2 coins)

1963 & 2013 John F. Kennedy Tribute Set (2 coins)

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Recall the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death, and the birth of one of America’s most popular half dollars with this 1963 Franklin and 2013 Kennedy set. As the youngest man ever elected U.S. president, JFK’s youthful vision and boldness inspired a generation. It helped launch America’s space program, and during his short 1,000 days in office, he dealt with tensions between the U.S. and USSR. He also handled the Cuban Missile Crisis, racial discrimination, and started the Peace Corps. In November 1963, while campaigning in Dallas, TX, he was assassinated. A grieving nation paid him one of the highest honors by placing his portrait on the half dollar.

Now 50 years later, those small fuzzy images on the era’s black and white TVs, still haunt everyone who watched them. And, they help to make the last-year 90% silver Franklin and the clad Kennedy half dollar in this set more historically interesting, as they are a true part of the story of a nation trying to heal from the loss of its leader. Salute Kennedy’s life and legacy with this 50th anniversary half dollar set.
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