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2009-2012 4 PDS Native American Dollar Sets in Showpaks

2009-2012 4 PDS Native American Dollar Sets in Showpaks

Now get complete Uncirculated and Proof PDS sets from each year of the popular Native American dollar series, displayed in Littleton’s exclusive Showpak® holders! Introduced in 2009, Native American dollars feature one-year-only reverse designs honoring Native American contributions to our country, society and way of life. The date, mint mark and motto E PLURIBUS UNUM are inscribed upon the edges of the coins.

The first-year 2009 coins feature agriculture and depict a young woman tending a Three Sisters Garden of corn, beans and squash. The second-year 2010 coins display a Hiawatha Belt and 5 arrows representing the original Iroquois Confederation and its Great Law of Peace – on which portions of the U.S. Constitution are based. The third-year 2011 issues honor diplomacy and the 1620 peace treaty between the local Wampanoag tribe and the Plymouth Bay Colony. The newest release – 2012 – features a Native American chief, and a horse in profile with others in the background. This handsome design celebrates the trade routes of the 17th century and rapid spread of the horse throughout the West.

Each set contains Uncirculated Philadelphia and Denver Mint issues, and the low-mintage San Francisco Proof. Buy all 4 and SAVE!
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