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1990-1998 Clad Proof Set Collection

1990-1998 Clad Proof Set Collection, Choice Proof, PR63

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced collector, here’s your chance to own 9 official 1990s clad Proof Sets still in original U.S. Mint packaging. Proof Sets are made only during their year of issue – and not again. You never see coins like this in circulation… because these “S” Mint proofs are struck in small numbers, especially for collectors. But with this historic collection, you’ll enjoy 9 last-of-their-kind sets, featuring the final issues of the Eagle reverse Washington quarters!

Handsome collection recalls Dot Com Boom & the Gulf War… These sets bring you back to the days when each year’s annual Proofs came in a single case… when Johnny Carson still hosted The Tonight Show… the start of the World Wide Web, the Gulf War, and the end of Eagle reverse quarters. No matter what you remember from the ’90s, these sets of brilliant Choice Proof coins with mirrorlike surfaces and frosted designs were there.

And now that 2000 and later dated coins have been issued, those with “19” in the date not only look older, but with each passing year, become harder to find. Many sets have been broken up, but these are still complete and still sealed in original mint packaging. Plus, you’ll SAVE off single prices – so order your collection now.
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