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Welcome to the hobby that lets you hold history right in your hands! Through coin and paper money collecting, you can explore our country and the world, recall dramatic events and prominent leaders of the past, and own genuine artifacts 100, 200 or even 2,000 years old! On this page, you'll find everything you need to get started in this exciting and rewarding hobby.

Beginners' Guides

To make collecting even easier, we've created guides for the most common types of collections. Covering everything from the designs and history of the coins, to the key dates you'll need and what storage options are available, these are great resources for beginning a collection. Take a look!

Lincoln Head Cent Collection

Lincoln Head Cents Collection

America's longest-running coin series also makes one of the most popular starter collections!

Statehood Quarters Collection

Statehood Quarters Collection

With 5 different designs each year, the Statehood quarters were one of America's most popular coin series ever!

National Park Quarters Collection

National Park Quarters Collection

This popular ongoing series features America's favorite national parks & historic sites.

Statehood Quarters Collection

Presidential Dollars Collection

Honoring presidents in order of service and now struck in limited numbers for collectors.

Morgan Silver Dollars Collection

Morgan Silver Dollars Collection

Big, bold and 90% silver – it's easy to see why so many people love collecting Morgan dollars!

$1 Federal Reserve Notes Collection

$1 Federal Reserve Notes Collection

America's most widely-issued currency type – and the only paper money issued today!

Essentials & Starters

Lincoln Cent Collecting For Kids

Discover collecting fun with the Amazing Lincoln Cent!

Now you can get started collecting this popular series, or help out a new coin enthusiast with our FREE coin collecting card and lesson plan.

Ideas for Young Collectors

Ideas for Young Collectors

Kids love collecting too – here, you'll find great ideas for your favorite young collectors.

Supplies for your First Collection

Supplies for Your First Collection

Keep your collection organized from the start, with custom albums and folders, coin holders, magnifiers and more!

Books to Help You Get Started

Books to Help You Get Started

Discover more about the hobby with these collector-approved guides and books!