Maynard Sundman (far right) gets ready to cut the cake, as company officers look on. From left: Jeff Marsh, Vice President Marketing; Ed Hennessey, Chief Financial Officer; Mike Morelli, Chief Operating Officer; and David Sundman, Littleton Coin Company President.

Littleton Coin Company celebrates 58th Birthday

Littleton, NH - On December 3, 2003, Littleton Coin Company president David Sundman and the business's employees gathered to mark the company's 58th birthday. He read from a letter written by his father one day after the business opened, December 4, 1945.

"Well, we made it, and of course are snowed under with work ­ instead of snow ­ funny thing that the last storm missed this area completely.... On a separate sheet I'm ordering some supplies and printing. Hope you can supply the approval sheets quickly as they are for my first selection... I can't hire... until I have sheets."

In celebrating 58 years of business, David, president of Littleton Coin Company, Inc., said, "In the course of 58 years, our company has been fortunate to have enjoyed the efforts of many helpers that have built Littleton Coin Company into the leader we are today."

Littleton Coin Company began as a fledgling stamp business in 1945. When

Maynard Sundman returned from WWII, he and his wife, Fannie, settled in the tiny northern New Hampshire town of Littleton, and began a business venture that took them further than either could have imagined.

Over the 58 years, it has evolved to become one of the world's leading providers of collectible coins and paper money. Today, Littleton Coin employs more than 300 people and provides a wide variety of U.S. and world coins and paper money for collectors nationwide.

Gathered in what is affectionately known as Littleton Boulevard to mark the business's 58th year are company founder Maynard Sundman (left of center), officers, and some of the company's more than 300 employees.