David Sundman Elected Member of National Association

LITTLETON — At its annual meeting on October 23, the American Numismatic Society Board of Trustees elected David Sundman, president of Littleton Coin Company, a life fellow of the association.

An ANS member since 1984, Sundman has vigorously supported the society’s programs for public education and scholarly research and publishing. The Coinage of the Americas Conference is one of the projects he has fostered. This ongoing series focuses on specialized themes such as “America ’s Gold Coinage” and “The Token: America ’s Other Money.”

Sundman has achieved prominence within the hobby for his efforts promoting numismatics, the study or collecting of coins, medals, paper money, etc. In 2001, the Professional Numismatists Guild awarded Sundman a Significant Contribution Award for his consumer protection work, and two years later, he received the American Numismatic Association’s Medal of Merit Award.

Organized in 1958, the American Numismatic Society has over 1,800 members, consisting largely of serious collectors, academics, and professional numismatists. Currently, there are 191 fellows, 84 of which are life members.

The organization, which is based in New York City, maintains the world’s largest numismatic library. It also operates a museum  – Manhattan ’s second oldest – housing America ’s most comprehensive collection of coins, medals and paper currency from around the globe.  With an estimated 750,000 coins and related objects, the society’s collection is on a par with the largest state collections of Europe.  For further information, go to www.numismatics.org.

Based in Littleton, New Hampshire, Littleton Coin Company has become one of the world’s largest coin and paper money mail-order operations. Maynard Sundman, David’s father, founded Littleton Stamp Company in 1945. Today, it employs more than 300 people and provides friendly service to collectors nationwide.