Do you have a fortune in your attic?
One family discovered this old $20 bill was rare
and a buyer paid $242,000 to get it!

When a New England family discovered an old $20 bill among their possessions, they contacted two local dealers. The first offered them $1,153 and the second $1,900 for their entire collection, including the now rare $20 bill. Fortunately, they sought a third opinion and contacted Littleton Coin Company.

"That's a rare note!"


Littleton's president David Sundman was about 5 feet away when he saw the note and exclaimed, "That's a rare note!" The $20 bill turned out to be the extremely rare 1863 Gold Certificate (Friedberg #1166b) -- one of only 6 known to exist. With Littleton's advice in directing the note to the right venue, this rare Gold Certificate sold in seconds for $242,000!


If you have coins or paper money that you've inherited or if you think you have something special, take a tip from this family and let Littleton assist you! We often buy your coins directly from you. In fact, last year alone, Littleton spent more than $15 million on U.S. coins and paper money. If selling at auction is your best route, we'll let you know that too. Find out if you have a fortune in your attic today!