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Enjoy the ultimate collecting adventure - featuring over 65 different types of gold, silver, nickel, bronze and clad U.S. coins spanning more than 175 years of American history! You'll collect obsolete denominations including the half cent, 2¢ piece, 3¢ piece, half dime and 20¢ piece... 19th century classics like the Flying Eagle cent, Shield nickel, Capped Bust half and Trade silver dollar... 20th century favorites including the Buffalo nickel, Mercury dime, Liberty Walking half and Eisenhower dollar... plus U.S. gold pieces in denominations from $1 to $20!

To begin your collection, you'll SAVE OVER 60% on a 1921-1935 Peace Silver Dollar. Struck in 90% silver and presented in a Deluxe Holder, this coin symbolized a nation's desire for peace following World War I. And you'll continue to receive exciting monthly selections of U.S. coin types from the 1830s to the present for RISK-FREE 15-day examination in your home:

  • You'll feel confident with every purchase because you see each coin before you decide!
  • You select only the coins you want and return the rest.
  • You're under no obligation to purchase coins from any shipment, and you may cancel this service at any time.

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