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What an easy and exciting way to collect coins! It's like Christmas every time I receive my coins.
— R.D., Satsop, WA

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It is fun to collect and be surprised each month with a new selection. Sometimes it is hard to wait.
— M.H., Gainesville, FL

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Curated By Professionals

Our expert staff knows coins. All of Littleton’s graders undergo a rigorous training process... So you can rest assured that you'll receive the right coin, every time!

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Simply put, when it comes to quality, our family agrees: if it's not Littleton, we're not buying.
— T.M., Fort Wayne, IN

Choose your collection

Modern Coins

Today's coins are tomorrow's history – and now you can own popular U.S. coin designs issued from 1964 to date! With this program, you'll enjoy groundbreaking series like the Statehood quarters, Presidential dollars and National Park quarters. A favorite choice for new collectors!

$19.95 (renews monthly)
Get your first box for ONLY $9.97!
Use code LCOTM5

Classic Coins

Classic U.S. coin designs – a tribute to our nation's past! You'll enjoy coins struck before 1964, including many long out of issue. See handsome designs like the Indian Head cent and beloved Buffalo nickel, plus 90% silver half dollars, quarters and dimes! Perfect for the history buff.

$49.95 (renews monthly)
Get your first box for ONLY $24.97!
Use code LCOTM5

Ultimate Collection

Bring home the best of yesterday and today! The Ultimate Collection offers you a premium mix of both classic and modern U.S. coins. Plus, you'll see some 90% silver dollars, silver bullion issues and more! A great way to begin exploring the world of coin collecting.

$99.95 (renews monthly)
Get your first box for ONLY $49.97!
Use code LCOTM5