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AD 54-68 Nero/Augustus Silver Tetradrachm


AD 54-68 Nero/Augustus Silver Tetradrachm

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You can now own a sought-after silver Tetradrachm that depicts not one, but two emperors of Ancient Rome – Nero on the obverse and Augustus on the reverse! This unique coin was hand struck during the A.D. 54-68 reign of Nero, a direct descendant of Augustus – the first Roman emperor and widely considered the greatest. Nero added the portrait of his forefather to reinforce his own imperial legitimacy.

The reign of notorious Nero began after his mother poisoned her husband Emperor Claudius (who had adopted Nero). But Nero later murdered his meddling mother. And though Nero probably did not "fiddle while Rome burned," many believe he intentionally started the Great Fire of A.D. 64 to make room for his colossal "Golden House" villa, which with its gardens occupied a vast portion of ancient Rome.

This distinctive two-portrait coin was struck over 1,900 years ago in fascinating Ancient Egypt – which under Roman rule was considered the personal property of the emperor. Choose from these attractive grades today!

  • Material: Silver
  • Product Type: Single Products
  • Location: Europe