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A.D. 284-313 Carthage Reverse Ancient Roman Large Bronze Follis



Very Fine (SKU: AB45)
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A strategic trading port on the North African coast ruled by Rome, Carthage was occupied in the first century A.D. by the tribal Berbers. They later rebelled against Rome, prompting Emperor Maximianus Herculius to send troops across the Mediterranean. To finance his military campaign, he opened the Carthage Mint.

Thanks to a recent opportunity purchase, we can now offer collectors a large bronze Follis from A.D. 284-313 struck at this mint for use in Carthage. Since we were able to purchase these as a group, we’re passing the savings on to you. Said LCC Chairman David Sundman, “I’ve never seen a quantity large enough that we could offer it to our customers until now.”

Struck more than 1,700 years ago, these scarce large bronze coins are in Very Fine condition. The obverse motifs reflect the strong, neat style of Roman portraiture, showing the issuing Roman emperor. The reverse designs feature the symbol of Carthage – a standing woman holding fruit in each hand. Sure to add prestige to your collection, order today while our supply lasts.

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  • Material: Bronze
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