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1883-1912 Liberty Head Nickel Set with Album


(16 coins)

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Enjoy a 16-coin collection of Liberty Head nickels issued over a century ago from 1883-1912. These collector favorites recall when nickels were the “workhorse coins” of American commerce – and when 5¢ bought everything from a loaf of bread, to a ride on the trolley, to a movie ticket, to a gallon of gasoline!

Liberty Head nickels, nicknamed “V” nickels for the large Roman numeral five on the reverse, were struck in limited quantities compared to modern standards. And because they were so widely used during their years of issue, most Liberty Heads wore out in circulation or were lost – and only a small percentage of these coins exist for collectors today.

Your 16-coin collection will contain the legendary 1883 “no cents” Liberty Head nickel plus the historic 1912-D Liberty Head nickel – the only “D” mint mark coin in the entire series. It also brings you 14 consecutively dated pieces from the final years of the series – 1899-1912! Along with your collection you'll receive Littleton's archival-quality custom album. Don't miss this 16-coin collection of century-old Liberty Head nickels – order today!

  • Year: Mixed Years
  • Product Type: Sets
  • Presentation: With Album
  • Material: Copper-Nickel