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222-204 B.C. Ptolemy IV, Extra Large Bronze



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After Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, he left behind his trusted general Ptolemy I who founded a dynasty that lasted 275 years. Under the Ptolemies, Egypt became a wealthy center of agriculture and learning, and issued some of the most beautiful bronze coins the ancient world had yet seen. In 222 B.C., Ptolemy IV became Pharaoh of a powerful kingdom, and under him, the military grew in strength.

When the Seleucid ruler Antiochus III captured Egyptian strongholds in Syria, Ptolemy IV grew alarmed. To buy time, he negotiated with Antiochus, but secretly recruited and trained an army. By summer 217 B.C., Ptolemy led over 50,000 men and 73 elephants to face Antiochus III in Raphia. At first things went badly! Ptolemy's smaller African forest elephants were scared off by Antiochus' larger ones, but soon the tide shifted. In the excitement of battle, Antiochus and his cavalry outran their own troops and the well-trained Egyptian army defeated them.

Recall this dramatic battle – the largest of its time – and hold a genuine piece of ancient Egyptian history in your hand with this hefty bronze coin. Supply is limited – get yours today!

  • Location: Egypt
  • Product Type: Single Products
  • Material: Bronze
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